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  • New products -easier to use than ever

  • New remote control products


    Imagine the convenience being able to heat your spa at your command!

    Whether you live here permanently, or are at your vacation home, remote controls that work on the iPhone or Smart Phones are a big convenience.

    Imagine turning on your spa and heating it so it will be hot upon your arrival at your residence in the Palm Springs area.


    Works with iPhone and Smart Phones.  Wireless.  Fully programmable.  Easy user interface.


    Examples of energy-saving equipment:

  • Call us, please. We can help you realize your dream of a relaxing, enjoyable swimming pool and outdoor living area.

    What would it be like to swim with a friend in your pool, and then to relax outdoors and then enjoy a barbecue in the evening? For a nominal fee, we can consult with you about all the wonderful options to get more enjoyment from your outdoor living space. Please call us on the telephone, to begin a conversation about how we can help with an easier, more fun, more comfortable outdoor living lifestyle.

  • Common product options for replacement and upgrade

    When energy-efficient pumps first came out, we didn't start using energy-efficient pumps for their energy efficiency!

    Initially, we began using the pumps for the many options they offered like "Quick Clean," that turns the pump on to "High" to make vacuuming the pool easier.

    These new pumps are loaded with a ton of features, and are easy to use.

    Other features include the ability to set the pump to run for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening, ensuring circulation for the pool around the clock, and these new pumps work perfectly with the new wireless remote controls.

    These pumps run at half their maximum speed, cutting energy usage by 8 times, but we need to run the pump for twice as long (remember - we're running it at half speed), so the ultimate energy savings goes from the 8 times reduction to a 4 times reduction (75% less energy) in the pump's energy usage.  Awesome.