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  • Pool cleaning

    Pool cleaning is the number one chore that must be done to maintain a clean pool and to reduce the change of asking Aqua Blue Pool Repair for repairs.   

    Filters need to be cleaned and changed, similar to the filter care in your automobile.

    Over time, as we clean and maintain your pool, we can advice you of things to consider that can save electricity, and may save water.

    We provide reliable weekly cleaning and chemical service to pools and spas.

  • Pool Cleaning and Maintenance are necessary on a regular basis

    Services offered:
    Vacuuming the pool.
    Brushing pool surfaces.
    Skimming the water surface
    Emptying the skimmer and pump baskets.
    Checking the system.
    Balancing the water chemistry.
    Cleaning cartridges.
    Check automatic pool cleaners.
  • Filter cleaning


    With a clean and maintained pool filter you will:
    Lower your electrical bill - this alone could pay for a swimming pool filter cleaning.

    • Get healthier pool water - 10-20lbs of dirt and gunk will no longer be in your swimming pools circulatory system. Your pool water will not longer be pumped through this gunk. Also you will be at less risk of algae outbreaks.

    • Prolong your pool filter's life - less stress on the internals means less repairs.

    • Prolong the life of your filter pump motor - less resistance from the filter means it can do its job of moving your pool water more easily.