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    It is all about the water.

    I will tell you the secrets to water care right now.

    If Total Dissolved Solids are greater than 2000 you must drain and then fill the pool.

    Then add chemicals as needed to get the Total Alkalinity within range.

    Then just pH to proper level.

    Add chlorine, keeping it from 3 to 5 ppm in the desert.

    And there's one more secret I'm not giving out, perhaps after hiring us will find out what that secret is.

  • Balanced water levels

    Free chlorine (ppm)12-410
    Combined chlorine (ppm)000.2
    Total bromine (ppm)24-610
    Total alkalinity (ppm)6080-100180
    Calcium hardness (ppm)150200-400500-1000
    Cyanuric Acid (ppm)1030-50150
    Total dissolved solids (ppm)n/an/aInitial TDS +1500