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  • A little bit about us

    We want you to have fun!  Whether you like to swim 100 laps, like to frolic in the water with the grandchildren, or relax in a hot spa with someone, we are here for you!  We live here in the Palm Springs area, and are experts in maintaining and repairing swimming poos in the desert.

    Now, we offer our expertise to you.

    How did we get into the pool repair business?  You guessed it; we experienced so many bad jobs by pool cleaners and repair people, that we had to take care of things on our own if we were to get a quality job done.


  • A closely knit team.

    Our goal is to bring you total satisfaction with your outdoor lifestyle.

    We know a large number of specialists that can assist with providing you a safer, more state-of-the-art swimming pool.  

    Need a waterline tile cleaning? We can help.  Need to superchlorinate that pool?  It's probably overdue.  

    You're in good hands.  Call us now at (760) 898-5743.

  • Specialists don't try to do everything.

    To provide yo with the best service possible, we have chosen to specialize in the newest technologies available.

    We install salt water chlorine generation systems.

    We install wireless remote controls to turn on your pool or spa heater.

    We can arrange an acid wash of the pool surface, to renew its look.

    We are specialists in fun outdoor living!


  • Quality is priceless.

    We specialize in quality work.  Over our many years of training, education, and experience, we have seen over and over again, that quality work provides value far beyond its price.