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  • Maintaining swimming pools and spas

    because clean water equals happy swimmers

    Hire a Pool Professional

    not a pool boy

    Is your pool broken?

    We can repair your pool or spa!

    We use "gentle chlorine"

    for clean, safe fun!

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  • Your one stop shop for all swimming pool repairs

    Whether you are from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Canada, we are here to take care of all your swimming pool repair needs we also offer swimming pool cleaning services are are genuinely interested in maintaining a clean and safe pool for your enjoyment.  Thank you.

  • The more you know and understand about your swimming pool the more you will enjoy it. The swimming pool industry has made many advances in the past several years that can increase your enjoyment of your pool, if you keep it repaired and maintained.

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  • Maintaining a spa takes special care. The hot water temperature in the spa uses up chlorine much faster than usual. So sometimes we sell VIP clients a special spa test kit that will enable them to test for sufficient chlorine in this spa before an evening with a friend in the warm, relaxing spa water.

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  • Cleaning is where "the rubber meets the road." Without Aqua Blue providing basic cleaning services, your pool will not be as beautiful, safe, and blue as it could be.

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  • Everything mechanical breaks.  We can advise you about replacing certain pool parts before they fail, so you might avoid a costly water bill later.  Rush heater repair service available.

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  • What do CYA, TDS, pH, and Cl have in common?  They are all abbreviations for some of the tests we perform on your pool to help keep the water clean and sanitized.

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  • Wow!  I can't think of a better way to save money on a pool!  You need to know the condition of a pool you're buying, and a pool that you're selling.  If you already own a swimming pool, get a pool inspection too because you may be able to save money and electricty with a new variable-speed pump or other equipment.

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